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Thread: write Secret Messages in Braille!

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    Default write Secret Messages in Braille!

    i had been looking high and low for a web site that showed both letters And numbers ( and some words and contractions) in Braille.
    i found a site that was extremely clear, very helpful, easy to navigate, and also does have a Lot of Resources about braille books for children. It seems that now they have children's Picture books in braille! Maybe someday they will have a braille edition of A Treasure's Trove.

    Not only do they have the braille alphabet and numbers etc, and a "treasure trove" of links to resources all about Braille and braille books for children, they Also have, for sighted children of All ages who want to have FUN (me first! me first!), Games and Secret Messages where you can see how your name or Any name is written in braille, Instantly!

    AND you can write Secret Messages in braille, Instantly! ("Instantly" is important if you are, or even near, an impatient child like myself) AND even send Secret E-Mail Messages to your friends!

    The name of the site is: seedlings.org
    If you click the "Resource" link on the left-hand side of the homepage it will take you to a list of resources and if you Instantly want to have fun, then scroll down the page until you come to the "Braille Bug' link (under "Information About Braille") and when you get There, you will Instantly (!) see a Very precious creature (Look Carefully) and Then click the "Games And Secret Messages Link"

    Yeeees, I know i simply could have posted a "hot-link" but you will have more fun ,and see a Lot more, this way.

    I am sure there are many other fine web sites which have information about braille and sign language for the deaf and other important "alternative" ways of communicating. These sites may also provide valuable clues for us treasure hunters.

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    Default Re: write Secret Messages in Braille!

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamstar
    The name of the site is: seedlings.org
    SEEDLINGS.Org! Very interesting! Maybe dandelion seedlings?? I'll have to go check it out...

    Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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    Default how do you tell numbers from letters?

    b is the same for 1
    etc how do they know the difference?

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    i was using a little bit of braile too

    there is a number sign that you put in front of the letters a-j or something to make the numbers 0-9

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