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Thread: 5x5 programs, caution!

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    Default 5x5 programs, caution!

    I was curious and I decided to try som of these. I wanted to make sure they work and I found that if you use some of the actual solutions from previous finds, some of these so called programs do not bring up the correct answers. Perhaps programming errors or perhaps intentional. I don't know. I recommend trying them with existing codes to make sure you arent bypassing good code.

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    That's very good advice. I know that when I made my 5x5 tool, and actually tried to put some intelligence into it (like searching through lists of state parks), I had to be very careful, and the more tokens were found, the better I was able to fine tune it to make sure it picked up everything, but not too many false positives.

    Steve (O.A.T.)

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