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Thread: General Meanderings

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    spiggan is this what you are saying
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    It's funny that after all this time, I wind up back at the beginning:

    The base 5 symbols.

    I think there's a lesson lurking here, and it has to do with wheel construction. One of the reasons we haven't been able to solve the HBC is because we haven't completed the 'lessons' of the preliminary three puzzles.

    The base 5 symbols bear attributes that represent four sets of opposites:

    1. Moon/sun (crescent/circle)
    2. Large symbol/small symbol
    3. Filled-in symbol/open symbol
    4. Left crescent/right crescent

    Here's the puzzle I'm considering (and any insight would be much appreciated):

    How do we construct simple circles and place these opposites? I suspect the circles are turning and we take a 'reading' for each page. What is the logic for turning the circles?

    For instance, the base 5 symbol for '4' is large, moon, open, right.

    That would mean the moon/sun would be set to 'moon' as positive and 'sun' as negative; the large/small would be set to 'large' as positive and 'small' as negative; the filled-in/open would be set to 'open' as positive and 'filled-in' as negative; and the left/right would be set as 'right' as positive and 'left' as negative.

    1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = '4'

    The base 5 symbol for '0' is small, circle, open.

    So, the wheels would be set such that large/small would be large = positive and small = negative; moon = positive and sun = negative; filled-in = positive and open = negative.

    0 + 0 + 0 = '0'

    Does this make any modicum of sense?

    The puzzle will have a simple, logical answer, and it should provide us with two of the wheels that we will take forward into the HBC. Having these two wheels should help us to understand and decode all the circles and crescents present in the HBC.


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    ok......................... that's more than a little creepy!
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