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Thread: Comments from Stadther 11-9-08

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    Default Where do we go from here...

    I just read all the above information and have a question that directly affects my part in this wonderful, imaginative hunt.
    I bought my copy of the book "used" after the hunt began. I stumbled across it while on the net...
    Since I bought the book "after" the website was closed down it lookes like I may not qualify even if I solve the redemption part of the hunt. See I bought the book and found out only after I tried to log into the site, that it was down.
    So my question is... If I as a hunter found the item needed to redem but was not a member of the official site...would I be excluded?


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    On the surface it would appear that to qualify for a prize, you had to register at the website. MS said he had the solution, but nothing about how to claim a prize. Now, who knows even IF there are prizes to claim!!! MS says he has the rings( original 5 probably), but does anyone know if more are available, or were they going to be made on an "as needed" basis??
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