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Thread: Triangle, Line, Pentagon and so on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12pm View Post
    So if I were deducing the architecture of a moon wheel I'd have a single 26-character alphabet, with empty spaces at new moon and full moon slots, for a 28-slot wheel.
    I have a problem with this in that the code wheels on page 58 seem to clearly point to a 32 slot wheel.

    Doc has a very clever idea in thinking that a half-circle would comprise 29 spaces. I think that is close to the target, but a little off.

    Let's assume for a second that the 32 space wheels on page 58 are examples of our code wheels. Half of that wheel would comprise 16 spaces. Depending where I divide the circle, I would have 3 spaces that are red.

    Perhaps each space is intended to hold 2 values instead of 1. That would mean with 16 spaces, there would be 32 values in total. However, I think the red hashes may be markers where there is only one value for that space. If we have 3 red spaces per half of the wheel, that would be 29 total values. A complete wheel would hold 58 values.

    Did I mention those wheels are on page 58? Is that a coincidence??

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    Considering the simplicity of the shapes...
    Has anyone considered simply a 6x6 grid of the 26 letters and 10 numbers

    A B C D E F
    G H I J K L
    M N O P Q R
    S T U V W X
    Y Z 1 2 3 4
    5 6 7 8 9 0

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    Here is what I tried over the weekend:
    I ignored the orientation of the shapes (assumed it was confusion).
    I assigned each shape a number based on the number of sides (or points) it has.
    I paired up the numbers in order (Rotated the first set with right side up pentagrams).
    I set up 2 matrices ABC...012... and 012...ABC... to fill the 36 blocks (I did not try it with 0 after 9)
    I then wrote out the corresponding letters/numbers by vertical axis first then horizontal axis next and vice versa.
    I did not yield any positive results (and I only tried this with the first set).

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    Default News Clues From Mike On 12-7-2009

    Hello folks,


    I spoke with Mike today, more or less just as a friend to wish him well and a Happy Holiday season. We all know about the Bankruptcy and I think all who read this and take it a step further are those of us that found ourselves enjoying SOAD for many reasons other than to win a ring.

    For all who want another few clues, Mike has provided me with a few today to pass along.
    I am going to paste them exactly as they were provided to me. I wish everyone the best of luck that is still (as am I) trying to figure out how close or far I ever was....

    Here are the clues from Mike, the first item 1 and 2 came together and then a 3rd clue came and it was the quote below from the book, and again, cut and pasted exactly as I received them. Mike asked that I pass these on to all who would like to have them, so here you are.
    It has been a while that I have spoken to many of you and I hope you are all well.
    Again here are the clues.

    Mike said the following:


    im still not sure how to disclose the clues. but i can go on record in saying:

    1. "Hest is English".
    2. any child who can read, can read Hest.

    one more offical clue...

    "The symbols in the book swirled and coalesced in his mind, combined and formed anew, and gradually, he understood them."-- P 103


    Mike did not have the ---- dashes I put those in to separate the quotes from mike and I added nothing, no punctuation, no spaces, please see what you can do with these.
    www.Trovers4ever.com , Welcome back friends....

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    Thanks for sharing the update, lordhast!


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    hey everyone. Is there a scan of the book of spells, in particular, the letters that are bubbled in, and these up and down symbols? I have an idea...

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    mark13 here ya go, Starthinker [finder of the snail], has what you need here

    Book of Spells

    the only other thing, besides the points 1,2,3,4,5,6,
    ive ever found with these symbols is the lack of symbols per line
    so i reordered the lines by lack of, i ignored the position, up or down
    and never got any further with the idea of reordering, or the count of
    each symbol per line,

    pg 5, bottom, missing one symbol
    pg 2 missing two symbol
    pg 5,top missing three symbol
    Attached Images

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    Default Think I may have found another variation of this elsewhere

    When I got the book Vegas Die, there were end-of-chapter strings made of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades to match the casino theme.

    What I tentatively found was that putting the symbols in alphabetical order, then pairing them up two-by-two resulted in messages.

    The only problem (besides it being three in the morning at the time) Stadther has done things differently. Therefore I can still suggest a method without giving an answer.

    Put the Dar Symbols in alphabetical order (is that a Bar or a Line? A Crescent or a Moon?) then find the letter they represent by the base five system. On thing, since there are six distinct symbols, one of them would have to play the part of a space between words. Symbol orientation would not matter.

    And this, of course, make me suspicious of the Huge Block Code's Summon a Ring . . .

    Just speculating . . .

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