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Thread: The Filled in Letters

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    Did anybody else do the math?

    For 10 different letters taken in groups of 4, there are 10000 possible combinations. If the letters were chosen at random, I calculated that there would be a 96.8% chance that none of the groups would match after choosing 26 groups of 4. (someone please check my math)
    I'm swirling & coalescing, but I'm still not understanding.

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    dont know if this will help anyone, here is a copy of
    the filled letters by line/, i have never been able to see
    anything in them, at one time i thought maybe a cryptogram
    which im not to good at

    pg 1 bos filled letters per line/

    e e / d o e o / a b e o p / o d a o / d p o / o g o/

    o e r o / g o o o d / o a p a / d o e d / d o p / e /

    a a e d / a r o e / o o /
    pg 3

    p o e / g a / g p / a o q /
    pg 4

    b / e / d / e / p / e b / e / a / e / a / e / a / a / p /
    pg 5

    a p / o e d / e / d a d / e / g e / e o / o / o / o /
    pg 6

    g / e / e / g o e / g o / a e /

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    i don't understand, unless it's just the 1st and last #'s are the same so you use the hest #'s.
    all i see is:
    page 2 with 0
    or #'s 1,3,4,5,6
    or subtracting, 7, 13,13, 7,
    or reflection, 1 w/52----4 w/52

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    Unhappy Filled Letters

    Look at page 1 of the BOS for the filled letters. Count off every 4th letter based upon some of the observations above. Take only the ones (groups of 4) that have a filled letter. Use the bacon cipher with 4 letters listed above. I tried this and only came up with 6 letters. I could have made some mistakes and will re-check but does this even seem reasonable?

    I will try again with 5 and see it is any better. Perhaps someone else could try this approach and let me know. I do think a bacon type cipher could be applicable here.

    I tried to cut and paste the copy of the page transcription but all the markings disappeared. Sorry

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