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Thread: Possibility-Four Fairy Types?

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    Default Possibility-Four Fairy Types?

    If the pages of the nomenclature are not correct due to the page number 12 in the lower left corner.. but yet only 5 pages have been turned.

    Could we be missing a page that desrcibes a seperate fairy? One possibly more evil than the rest?

    The appearance of "pickensrooter tails" that never connect to a fairies body or appear seperatly in other locations in the book.. Seems like something is hiding..

    The dark hooded figures on page 78.. Do not appear to be darklings or any other described fairy.. And if they did have tails. they would be hidden by their robes.

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    I'm not sure if you are going in this direction or not, but the missing page could itself be elsewhere in the book. Perhaps page 36 or 41 is the "missing" page.
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    I've always had a bad feeling about the fairies, especially the descriptions and pics in 'Ye Nomenclature'. The book appears to be very old, so is that what they *used* to look like? The Flower Fairy and Pickensrooter both have Dragonfly-like wings, but all the *modern* fairies around the book all have Butterfly-like wings... Other pages have Flower Fairies with 3 different wings, like on P44, Butterfly, Angel and bird-like? Even the *twins* on the left corner have different wings from one another. The Kootenstoopit in the book doesn't look anything like the *modern* ones throughout the story, and the Pickensrooter sure doesn't look the same if it's the little red-headed guy.

    How can we even *begin* working on codes, depending on the fairies, when we don't understand them?!?

    Oh, and I've been wondering what's on the pages we don't see, also!
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