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    Quote Originally Posted by Puma Lion View Post

    I noticed that many of the phrases along the right-hand-sides of pages are commands or instructions. They begin after "tradition carries" and continue until "at journey end," with the exception of the double-page illustrations:

    19 Count to three
    23 Whistle a tune
    26 Follow the light
    30 Chase a dream
    32 Rise in a quest
    40 Pass the time
    47 Catch a breeze

    All four of the phrases on p. 30 (Harley Quinn) are commands (open the door / step inside / circle the globe). Other commands:

    Hi Puma Lion,

    Quite a few great observations, and thank-you for compiling the list.

    Just to address the section that has been quoted ... as you mention, the right-hand command phrases begin after "TRADITION CARRIES". On that same page, the left-hand hint is "THE LAST IN LINE" which self-verifies for the E (East).

    Using similar for the subsquent lines which you reproduced, which yields the string


    ( Noting that the " E " is the backward " 3 " in the "reflection, count to 3" page, and the symmetry of the EE TMT EE are attention getters )

    EE TMT EE looks like

    TEE MEET , or some other anagram.

    The TEE MEET looks suggestive of an intersection point, and the TEE confirmed by the several TEA in the images.

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    Cleaning out old private messages. Here are a few old bits and pieces of theories that didn't seem to take me anywhere. I may have published some of these in the past. Sorry if I'm repeating myself. Have at 'em.

    I tried to use the "Somesville 12" sign as a guide for the "Forever Held" page, because of the "Now Smile" command at the bottom of the page. I had interpreted "Somesville = Solve Smile" and 12 as an allusion to a clock face.

    Why is the character called Panhandle Sam in the text and Cadillac Mack in the illustration?

    I thought that the last word on each border phrase on p. 17 ("line four carries name") could mean that we should look at the fourth line on each page, and see whether it includes the letters to spell out Fandango. One of the fourth lines that carries the name Fandango is that odd wording on p. 58:

    . . . then do not give up and read a second time for =
    Addendum: Point of Interest A Hangover Code
    Addendum: Point of Interest do a changeover
    Addendum: Point of Interest Aha do converge
    Addendum: Point of Interest cave Garden Oho

    If the changeover anagram is correct, and this anagram is correct:

    From p. 16:
    Keep your head is my motto =
    Map my route / hides key Too

    We may need to put Fandango's travels and stops in order, creating a map that uses POIs. The order of Fandango's travels in the pages in the book may or may not be chronological.

    I am guessing that some of the "times" are hidden in the text and illustrations. We see clocks or watches in some images, but the Proud Old Fop illustration looks like a sundial, and the text that goes with the fairy page tells us that it's dark and the fox has slept for hours. So there may be an equation to discover and it will provide a number only if we know the "time" from Fandango's previous stop.

    The "point of interest" addendum from the last page may be telling us that we need to use a different strategy (changeover) every time we pass a POI on the route map. There are six POIs on the map on p. 56 (unless you count the one in the legend). Or maybe this won't be a literal map, but a figurative route through the book?

    to shape his deepest feelings =
    highest point see false speed

    The speed limit sign on the Panhandle Sam page says 40 MPH, and it is right next to the word "see." Presumably this is a false speed, because that would be much too fast for a scenic lookout at the top of a mountain.

    Trying to follow the "see 40 mph" instructions, I looked at p. 40, and I did find the letters M, P and H in the border. All of them in "pass the time," or the P could also be in the word "pie." If the old lady with the tea represents time, maybe we need to find another character who represents speed (it could be Panhandle Sam) to answer this puzzle. Or maybe there will be other MPH combinations in the borders of other pages that will yield some insight.

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    if you look at the three panhandle signs together they tell you "pace 40 south"

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    if you look at the three panhandle signs together they tell you "pace 40 south"
    guess ill have to look at those signs again

    Why is the character called Panhandle Sam in the text and Cadillac Mack in the illustration?
    missed that or forgot it, have to read again

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