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OK, RP, I am getting back into this puzzle.

For this page, which I take as the starter, I am picking up code

see southeast ff(f)

(not sure about the last "F" - and you can again see a possible connection to Forrest Fenn)

I am vetting my work on this, but for now, I use the "ff" abbreviation to get "forte / fortisimo", which means very loud

When I go to the map at the back of the book (p. 56), and looking at anything in the southeast, I am drawn to the point of interest "Thunder Hole"

(above from p. 5 thread)

He uses the right-hand dolphin to confirm the southeast of p. 5.

Further, there is code which says

AYE IN ( with holding this part )

but a confirmation is the homonymn "I" rule the sea

In addition to the right dolphin confirmation, collectively, they indicate

S - M(Y) - SE



I believe there is other information buried in p. 5 and 7, will be checking it.