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Thread: to find a riddle

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    Default to find a riddle

    The master riddle---

    In the radio interview posted by writerian(around the 79-80m mark) Pel mentions that---

    There are different components that all feed into the master riddle.

    ...by themselves they will not reveal the location but together they will hold the solution.


    This is interesting. By this remark we know that there are 'pieces' that need put together to form the master riddle. It doesn't sound like the master riddle will be found all by the same method--

    Its possible that 'pace forty south' is part of the master riddle.

    What Im wondering---is the master riddle a complete sentence---or only clues and hints scattered about?

    could a sentence be formed by different 'puzzles' that have or will be found?

    The license plate on page44 can equal 'ACADIA'. Page 51 there is 'East' in the wave-- to give some examples.

    Are they pieces to the master riddle? or just added fun?


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    Are you approaching this as a solver, or as the author? I ask because I recall reading that the authors of the book spent their time as kids trying to solve Grandma's treasure hunts, and I imagine that they've woven each little piece (lesson) of those hunts into one master riddle - so trying the perspective of creator might offer a different perspective.

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