Hello, my name is Matt. I live here on MDI and would just like to throw out some things that basically sum up a couple interesting findings here on the island, here on this website, and my personal findings within the book...

Consider this a re-cap

* The key is NOT in Acadia National Park. It is illegal and the author has indicated that all laws are to be obeyed.
* No monuments are to be moved or altered or even disturbed in anyway... but that doesn't mean they wont help you find it or be at the monument itself.
* Blue Letters = Pace Forty South
* If keeping in style with Kit Williams, the book itself tells you what to do... Pages 4 & 5 = "stay right on my tail" and "follows his nose". the website is called "follow the fox".
* Hint: C Masquerade... C = 3... Page 3 of the book was "The Day Begins"... A direct reference to Cadillac.
* Using previous method... Following Fandangos Nose lined with his Tail the words chosen are "Moon smile follows across a point upside down at treasure."
* The moon on page 26 has three points, either triangulation or an arrow, much like the numerous arrows on page 11.
* It will NOT be found by chance... Therefore, off the beaten path, but still in a public area...

Any further comments on any of those things would be valued and also I'd love to help anyone anyway i can, especially with things here on the island

Those are just a few things at stand out... I believe I have discovered the area of where it is located, but no where near the direct point..