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Thread: Printing 'errors'?

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    Default Printing 'errors'?

    Well first of all hi everybody! I'm new to this site and have been working on sir foxy for a couple months.
    My copy of the book has some 'printing errors', i.e. small, faint lines across the page. However, I am fairly certain that these are not errors at all as they were made to look like, but instead intentional marks, which would mean they would be in all of your copies too.
    For instance, on page 5, there is a horizontal line through the middle of the gazebo. The three sides should not form a straight line where the line intersects it, but they clearly form straight line exactly with the mark. And the vertical border patterns match exactly, except for one rectangle color discrepancy from side to side, and that is where the line intersects the border.
    On page 23, there are two vertical lines around the seagull. To begin with, if these are printing errors, they should all be horizontal or all be vertical, depending on how the book was printed. Furthermore, these two lines enclose two letters in the top and two in the bottom, both of which are 's' and 't'.
    Finally, on page 30, there is a horizontal line near the bottom of the astrolabe. This line intersects the vertical border patterns at two different places, which is strange because the vertical borders are mirror reflections of one another. Further inspection reveals that this line is actually about 2mm further away from the top of the page on the right than the left, which means THIS 'PRINTING ERROR' IS NOT HORIZONTAL. This is clearly, then, not merely an unintentional printing error.
    There are more of these lines which I could find no significance for, but if others confirm their book has identical marks, we could begin to catalogue all of them.

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    I believe this was discovered in the begining of the hunt if you look back at some of the first posts you might run into the post that talks about it I can't remember where it was. From what I remember everyone has the lines but I don't think we know for sure if they are on purpose or just a remant from printing.

    Welcome to the hunt not too many posts these days but I think a few of us are still working on Fandango. I stop for a while and then I pick it up again hoping to have some"Divine" moment when I can easily see all the pieces of the puzzle fall together. So far that hasn't happened and all I end up with is a bunch of Gooblelygook from trying to decode things.

    But I do have a BLAST learning about MDI! Good Luck!

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