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    Default Postscript

    The postscript tells us to read the book a second time for good measure. "Good measure" implies, to my mind, that there is something in the illustrations that will involve interpreting the layout of the images - drawing lines or geometry of some kind. At least one of the anagrams of the last line reinforces this idea:

    after I score that missing key =
    stars at finish geometric key

    On the other hand, I'm wondering now about the term "second time" in the postscript. The first clock is in the mosaic on p. 11. The second is in the old lady's house on p. 40. Could this hint be telling us to look at the second clock? Or is the newspaper, the Downeast Times, the "second time"? Each of the clocks and the newspaper are accompanied by a magic square. Is time somehow the key to solving the puzzles? How can the clocks help with interpretation of the magic squares? Or the hunt as a whole?

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    Glad to see the discussion is still alive. There haven't been any posts in a long time.
    I agree with your analysis. I do believe that geometry plays a part in the solution. I also have a feeling that the post script might be refering to musical terms, "score" "measure" and "key". It has been discused that some border phrases are similar to hit song titles of the 50's and 60's. Here is my list so far:

    pp 44-45 Yakity Yak (don't talk back) The Coasters 1958
    p.47 Round and Round Perry Como 1957
    p. 30 Open the door, Richard Count Basie 1947
    pp34-35 Smoke Gets in your eyes The Platters 1959
    p. 32 The wayward wind Gogi Grant 1956

    I don't know how to figure out whick key each song is in but maybe there is a song for each key except one which would be the missing one. Don't know how that would figure in but it is something to think about.

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    I just noticed the years from the above post.
    56, 57, 58, and 59. With 47 all alone.


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    The 56, 57, 59 ends the book. Those years also seem about right for birth years of the Stockwells. ( also, see the wine bottle on shelf on p. 30).

    OPEN THE DOOR, was 1946, It hink.

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