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    Default X + * c

    I haven't worked on Fandango for awhile, and I decided to get back into it while waiting for the next phase of Endgame. Since it has been about 5 to 6 years since I have worked on this hunt, I have lost my book in one of my moves, so I am just trying to remember what I can about the book and I remember that on one of the pages, there was an X + * C on a treasure chest and I thought maybe we should try to figure out some more interpretations of it?

    I went back and re-read all the posts here, and I hope that I don't repeat anything that I might have read, but if I do, just excuse me, it took me awhile to read ALL these posts lol.

    X + * C = X A CROSS A POINT C
    X + * C = X ACROSS A STAR C
    X + * C= 10 + * 100
    X + C * = X Plus (a) Sea Star
    X + C * = X ACROSS (a) Sea Star
    X + * C = Mark Across A Point C or (Sea)

    These are just a few suggestions, I don't really see much too it yet, but maybe the picture of the lock should be included with the puzzle?

    What do you think?


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    Default X + * c

    I think this refers to using UTM coordinates as opposed to DMS.
    We also have an X and C on the indian's pant leg on page 32.
    UTM coordinates divide the earth into latitudinal layers starting with X in the north and ending with C in the south. Y & Z are arctic regions and A & B are antarctic regions. MDI happens to be in T. Imgur

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