Okay, take out our notebooks/journals/messy papers/battered books/etc:

For every picture there are 3 Borders -- the Extreme Outer, the Middle, and the Center.

The Extreme Outer is the solid color all the way around, bleeding off the edge of the page.
The Middle is where the RED/BLUE letters are.
The Inner is where there is usually a broken color or puzzle for that particular page -- but this is NOT always the case.

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it . . .

1) Number all the pages with pictures.
2) Put the color of the Outer Border Next
3) Write out the word in the Border -- making note if it is solid Red or has Blue in it.
4) Write out the color of the inner border if it is solid -- or if it is a "puzzle" border
5) Use process of elimination to find where the Borders "solidly" agree.

For prime example: There is only ONE page where all 3 Borders are Solid Red -- the page with the word "LOVE". (page 55, if I am correct)

(Pure) Speculation:
I believe this area shown may be a straight survey-line to where the Key is located. The may mean the key may be neatly hanging on a nail on a tree, with no other obvious landmarks.

Why I speculate this:
On the KEY picture page, there is an orange key in the mosaic which has a dotted line going from one piece of land -- over water -- to another outcropping.