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Thread: Wwdd?

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    Default Wwdd?

    The Stockwells dedicated the book to the memory of their grandmother, Deicy, who used to set up treasure hunts for them when they were kids.

    Would they have designed this hunt to be like a hunt Deicy created? Instead of trying to think like ourselves, or like Masquerade, should we be trying to get inside the head of a creative grandmother? If so, how would one of her hunts differ from the hunt we have been trying to decipher?

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    i thought about that idea a few times, i came up with simple at
    1st, then maybe grandmother graduated the kids into a little
    harder clues, then more complex clues as they got older.
    i looked at a few links on how to make a TH for kids, didnt help me

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    WwDd? Good question. I've also tried to think outside my own box, but I've had a hard time getting out of my rut - I see the same things over and over. I keep wondering what I'm overlooking or misinterpreting. The book is dedicated to Deicy who created treasure hunts for the authors when they were children, so it is likely they used some of her ideas for this hunt. What would a grandmother do? Well, first, she'd want them to be successful and wouldn't want to discourage them. Word games, cryptograms, riddles, definitely a treasure map or two. Ciphers and codes are a possibility as they got older. What about a Highlights favorite - find the hidden objects in the picture? A banana that is the stem of an umbrella, a toothbrush in the branches.

    I think there are multiple layers to this book, but I don't think they are terribly complicated - unraveling the riddle will be a matter of seeing the particular pattern that identifies the next set of clues. We have the 0-19 magic squares spelling C Masquerade hint, the signs spelling Red, Yellow, Book, and the red and blue letter words. Pace Forty South," but from where? Then each of us has our own theories and suspicions, and some feel they have discovered incomplete riddles or codes or ciphers.

    Once I get through the holidays, I'm going to take their advice - read a second time for good measure. Except in my case, it's more like the 1,102nd time.

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