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Thread: Start and End Dates

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    Default Start and End Dates

    Does anyone feel the start and end dates are significant?

    The book was published on June 29, 2007 and the "end date" is November 26, 2020, which happens to be Thanksgiving Day. Including Thanksgiving, the days the hunt ends, there are exactly 700 weeks and 4900 days between the publish date and the end date.

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    Interesting! And seven POIs on the map on p. 58, if you count the one in the legend.

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    And, 70 x 70 = 4900. Thing about this, is without further information in the puzzle, it could be an author's inside reference that doesn't fit into the puzzle per se. I think there are several of those (like Stockwell's birth year being on the shelf p. 30, and "my poor PELt" and "PEL" found using a border code, sad references to their father, who died, etc.).

    Good to keep in mind, in case something else pops up.
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