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Thread: Puzzle Still Active.....or Not?

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    As far as I've been able to find, the only part of the book that's available for free online is page 30, which was copied and posted by Tweleve user astreeturover :

    F_30.jpg Photo by astree0 | Photobucket

    Obviously the material is copyrighted and the authors want to sell their books, so I'm not suggesting that anyone should post any more of the content. But maybe we can look at page 30 as a "free sample" and explore it here a bit. If this taste of Fandango gets some of us hooked, we may end up buying the full book.

    So... looking at page 30 as a total newcomer, with no knowledge of the rest of the book, I'm first struck by the man's coat. That's not at all a natural shape for the lapels. And it's interesting that the plumb line goes straight down from one place where the green and blue meet to another place where the green and blue meet.

    If the puzzle involves a map, I would have to assume that the green represents land and the blue with the white tufts represents the ocean and the whitecaps. We should be looking for a place where the shoreline matches that pattern. BUT the compass on the table is rotated and reflected. If that compass applies to the shoreline shown in the lapel, it means that we're looking for a place where the shore runs more or less in a straight line east-to-west with the ocean to the north. That's a very hard thing to find on MDI because the processes that formed the island carved out all the gullies and ridges in a north-south direction.

    Of course, it could be that I'm wrong about the ocean. Do ponds on MDI get choppy in high winds? If the blue represents a pond, it would tie in better with the map on the table. Maybe the green represents undeveloped land, the blue lapel is a pond, and the red is a road. So we're looking for a road that runs east-west on the north side of a pond. That fits in better with the map, but it still leaves us with the topography problem that most long, narrow ponds on the island run north-south.

    What do people think?

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    Just one more thought. Anyone have any thoughts about the yellow block painted on the back of the road sign? Seems like a genuine clue and likely reference to the border blocks. Perhaps there is a connection between the road sings and those blocks.

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    Default Just my 2 cents...

    I wouldnt worry about Pel flaking on the hunt. He works in finance so i dont think money is an issue for him. If it doesnt get solved, he will give the prize to charity like he said.

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