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    Default Thoughts

    What about the text?

    I have long wondered if there are clues we are missing because no one has really (publicly in the forum) started a heavy investigation into the story.

    Remember how Michael Stadther put together the Rusful puzzle for the black diamond in “A Treasure’s Trove”. All it looked like was a page full of strange crossword grids. Actually, the solution was to find the letters in the grid around the letter being looked for by reading through and matching up the text in the book. What if, like Prius’ “The Secret”, the black story text and border pictures are each half of the puzzle. Find words in the border pictures, for instance, then see if they match the ballad no one has really talked about on the board.
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    i was going to post in the thread for pace forty south, but since you brought up
    the story text,and my Q relates to a find in the story text, ill post here

    my Q is, would you use
    FROM blank pace forty south TO, or pace forty south TO unknown blank FROM blank
    and ya ive not got much farther with that, but it does use a line of story
    text and those darn grids/magic squares and boarder text

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    i cant wont expand on my what i think are hints from the story text
    but will share, that i think in the images and text of images each, use
    dif methods some use the same method to solve a piece of the riddle/phrase,
    is why this puzzle is so hard to figure out
    some words ive found....hare/s hint, north
    some methods....morse code, only red, only yellow, only blue pointers
    and what ill call skips
    if i cant find more to make a solve, what i have found ill post Nov.26th, 2019
    1 yr prior to the end date of Nov.26th, 2020

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    I recall HARES / HEARS from the top row of grid p. 11 but it can also expand SEARCH if you C from the next row.
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    It would be great if the text reconfirmed things we find in the images, even better if the text could confirm the phrases we extracted and solved from the puzzles. I doubt the latter will happen. However, I'm open to testing suggested mechanisms for combining text and images.

    On the thought of finding a "from A to B" hint in the text, I did a search and found this data for your use: the many occurances of FROM.
    p.02 - (up) from the drink
    p.13 - (that's) from the King
    p.16 - (blowing) from the South
    p.16 - (blowing) from your mouth
    p.28 - (returned) from a big trip
    p.33 - (lifted) from the ridge ahead
    p.36 - (running) from our fates
    p.46 - (spread out) from where I stood
    p.46 - (watching me) from in among the clouds
    p.50 - (made) from giant kelp
    p.50 - (stir Neptune) from his shell
    p.52 - (sprung) from the pounding of our overflowing hearts

    And, there's only 1 occurance of PACE and that is in "a little space" on p.28

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