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Thread: How does firefly speak to us?--p.50

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    Default How does firefly speak to us?--p.50

    I think I may have some across something helpful, here. When all the critters are trying to speak to Zac, the firefly "...flashed a message about the evil Blight-Spreader..."

    So how does one flash a message? In morse code, of course. So perhaps the morse code message "Near the Overlook" pertains specifically to the firefly.

    And conveniently enough, the firefly is located in the dropcap that starts the chapter that contains the morse code.

    So it also leaves me wondering...maybe the critters in the large pictures (like the p.31 ladybug) have another purpose altogether, and are not necessarily related to the clue contained within that particular picture.

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    I've been on this track with the firefly as well. I think that the grid coordinates for the firefly will come from the numbers of dots and dashes in either the morse code of his speech, or of a caption in that chapter. I agree that the "near the overlook" message pertains specifically to firefly.

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