I believe the word Firefly only appears nine times in the text.

Prologue: Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Butterfly, Firefly, Bee and Ladybug would soon be flying in.

Chp 4: When they arrived at the stump, Dragonfly, already there, hovered impatiently and behind him hovered Bee, Butterfly, Ladybug, Firefly and Hummingbird.

Chp 4: Firefly became so agitated that his taillight began to flash uncontrollably.

Chp 6: "It's Spider's fault!" blurted Firefly who slipped behind Bee, trying to avoid an angry stare from several of Spider's eyes.

Chp 6: Off they flew, in pursuit of Zac, with Grasshopper perched on Hummingbird's back, Ant riding on top of the Butterfly, Bee holding on to Snail, the Spider atop the Dragonfly and the heavy Caterpillar carried by both Firefly and Beetle. Ladybug led the way, flying alone.

Chp 9: "My turn," said Firefly. "Everyone stand back." He ascended to the center of the open window and, with the night sky for a background, flashed a message about the evil Blight-Spreader and the threat to the Forest. Zac, concentrating hard now as he sanded the final corner of the box lid, never even looked up at him.
Firefly gave up. "This human is not only deaf and stupid. He's blind."

Chp 20: At dawn, even the tired sentry Firefly had extinguished his taillight and gone to sleep. Only Spider was awake. Planning.

Chp 20: Then, in through the window and up into the branches, flew a firefly and a beetle, carrying a cater-pillar, a bee, carrying a snail . . . followed by a dragon-fly with a spider on her back, a beetle, and finally a grasshopper riding on a glittering hummingbird.

Questions: Why the lower case 'firefly' in Chp 20? Why does Firefly hide behind the Bee? Is the center of the window important? (as in a grid)?? (are we blind for not seeing a clue here???) What dawn are we talking about? Why do two smaller flying creatures carry a heavy caterpillar? Does it define an order?