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Thread: Firefly

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    Default Firefly

    To futher the finds and satisfy my puzzling here's what I say:

    So, we know that one page of the dicotomy is the fairy w/map and the other gives us the text of where we are headed. On this puzzle we have no fairy with map. or anything that really appears as coordinates...or do we?

    My throw at the Firefly is the light colored leaves behind the tree on page 28. If you look closely you'll see that they are grouped and 1-4 leaves of the grouping are not "connected" to the rest of the bunch. That is to say if you look at a cluster, just one cluster, a leaf is not really part of the cluster. Ex: Goto the trees left antler and see the group of leaves touching it to the left...there's four leaves but one is not part of the clover effect. So maybe coordinates: 1,3 or 3,1 How to determine which way to read clusters and where to start to read once all the letters are exposed???

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    I have the answer....looking for Doc to share... I live in Hawaii.

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    wow... wish you would share it with me... my son is obsessed with finding the firefly... hes been scouring this book since christmas for it and has been a little disheartened as of late.

    Good Luck!!


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    Or me! I don't live in Hawaii either!

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