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Thread: Mushrooms, Kootenstoopits, and Numbers

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    Default Mushrooms, Kootenstoopits, and Numbers

    Many of you from the first hunt probably remember the seemingly random numbers across from the title page which ended up reading 'SAVE THE TREES ART' or something along those lines. This one is solved in the same manner. Using the title to decode it. I would be more specific, but I'm still leary of the whole 'don't share solutions rule'. If anyone else would like to elaborate, feel free to pipe in. Again, I'm sure this solution is pointless info like it was last time. If this has already been posted elsewhere, sorry!

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    I'll share it... I'm not afraid!
    It says:

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    does anyone think there may be more to these numberes then we see right now.. i mean if we then take 'secrets of michael stadther' and input that into the number scheme we come up with new letters. of course it doesnt spell anything, but if we keep doing this it eventually leads back to 'secrets of the alchemistdar'.. maybe this will form some sort of box we can use. MS did say there was a secret in the title, i would think it would be more significant or he wouldnt say anything about, or maybe he was just trying to get people started?? any ideas...

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    last time the information wasn't totally useless,
    I took it to mean that we should save the pictures of the trees because that's where the tokens were hidden...although this makes much less sense...

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