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Thread: Page colors

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    Default Page colors

    Did not know where to post this idea. But notice the background in the page corners figures on those pages with text. You can go for a long time and they are yellow (daylight), then they may switch to night(dark blue), then to daylight again or to red (dusk). You can count them. Maybe a code key? Not random nad grouped together.

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    I think they are meant to show the time of day. There are stars out at night and during eclipses, etc. The yellow is day etc. I think the preface page has a complete day to it if you go from the left center around clockwise. So that the effect is sunrise, day, sunset, and night. Although I'm not sure why the lower corners are darker then the bottom center. Probably indicates a flaw in my thinking but it might mean when the moon is up full or something too. Confusion delusion infusion.

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