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Thread: still hunting

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    Default still hunting

    i just downloaded the story yesterday and took into account all the keen observations from this site. i had a couple of random thoughts of my own that may or may not mean anything:

    1. from the bold letters in states, pinetrees or pinetree s. seems to be reasonable acronym (i was thinking pinetree s. to be pinetree state, just as south dakoda is abbreviated with an s). Maine is the pinetree state.

    2. there is a town in maine called andover, like the last line from the first stanza says "over (and over) again"

    3. about 11 miles (or 3 and 2/3 leagues west) of andover is grafton notch state park, and parks seem to be a favored hiding place for these hunts. the only problem is that there is no direct freeway to get to the park from andover, but instead you have to drive south, then west, and then north again. ineresting sidenote: there is also a puzzle mountain located in that area

    i'm probably totally off track here but just thought i would throw it out there anyway

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    Someone in this area please review forthe group
    Evergreen Point (here):


    And let us know how much has changed in the past
    twenty some years.

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    Good points,
    I think that "pine trees" would definately be the solution to that anagram because I
    wrote down the letters from each side and came up with:
    right: SEE
    bottom: INEP
    left: RT
    and if you put the sides together it becomes:
    which is pretty much "pine trees" backwords.
    S is also the first highlighted letter in the book so it may refer to a state.

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