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Thread: Alto???

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    Default Alto???

    Re-read the thread about 'anyone still interested' by rewand and found some interesting points in it. Started doing some google research on different pov's and decided to look up the Alto idea presented as a possible start point. Also took into account the comment made about distance from author to solve point/destination and areas Cam was familiar with. Found a place called Alto Pass in Illinois and noticed some interesting things. Saw some highway numbers that looked promising. Also, there is a nature preserve/park right near there called Larue-Pine Hills National Natural Landmark. Trying to get in close on street maps and such for street names, state references, etc. However, this place seems to fit a lot of the info obtained from the poem and picture references. Anyone else got anything or live close enough to know the area? Am I way off base? Just running with a few random ideas.
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    Sorry, Alton is really close to me but Alto Pass is three hours away. I know there are vineyards that directions but don't know about apple orchards.

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