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    Default FAZE

    just wanted to start a new thread to get people going on this hunt again. is it just me, or does it say "FAZE" in the grass of the picture on page 13? the letters are made by the bolder blades of grass in the middle that go both vertically and horizontally. i swear i'm seeing FAZE, but i've stared at this book so long, "it might be bothering me, or going to my head"...FAZING me.

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    That foliage has bugged me from the beginning. But so much can be read into it. For instance, I see a "55" near the bottom (your E could be my 5), and FAZE could just as easily be MAZE or FATE. And I'm not sure how any of it could lead us to a solution.
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    yeah i thought it says maze. this hunt is really hard.

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