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Thread: Is anyone still working on this? I have some answers

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    I agree entirely with regulus. The whole point is to share solution ideas so that we can pick apart each other's theories. You may be on a wild goose chase, and if that is the case, someone needs to reign you in! Otherwise, why have a forum at all? If you don't want to share theories, you might as well never go online.

    You (goatlady) mentioned something cryptic about the initials KLW. These are just the initials of the illustrator Karen Wagner, as was stated on p. 2. Why would there be another interpretation?

    Also, *never* trust big anagrams. The bigger the anagram, the more likely it is that you are going to fool yourself. Even moderately sized ones can have thousands of "answers," many of which can be twisted to look meaningful.

    No one here is going to take you seriously unless you lead us through the method by which you came to your conclusion. Let it be properly evaluated and criticized. If it withstands attack, it may be a good theory.
    "...it may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma of the kind which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve."

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    Quote Originally Posted by goatlady View Post
    I thought figuring it out was part of the fun. I guess if you want me to post the answer I have, that's fine with me. I will give you the short answer since the word for word is rather long. Kitt Peak National Obsevatory, home of the world's largest collection of optical telescopes, located near Tuscon Az. It goes on to say "winning was not easy, but you have figured out all my angles. I will hand you the Golden Apple when we meet". The full wording also names the radio telescope. I am sure someone else has already figured it out, but I was just so thrilled that I actually found an answer I hadn't seen on the boards. I didn't mean to confuse anyone. I guess I am not cut out to explain things more clearly, I am sorry.Bye goatlady
    Hey if you are still keeping up with this I am wondering about the angles part too. I think angles may really have somthing to do with the final solution especially in decoding the picture on pg 20. I have no idea about your final solutions correctness or not (and like you, no way of finding out) also could you post your full anagram even though I don't trust large anagrams either. I'm wondering how many people we actually have working on decoding this book.

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    Default am i on to something?

    Hi goatlady
    I have stumbled apon this quest yesterday and am wondering if i am on to something.there are 12 letters on the picture pages and the higlighted letters on the states around the pages are S E I R N E _ _ _ _ P. i have a theroy that since there are only 4 roman numerals and six numbers on the map the states and the roman numeral stated have a state that fits in to a state on the missing page like page 26 is a blank but texas is on that page and roman numeral 2 is texas. this also works for the other blanks exept for page 21 there is no arkansas the closest thing to it is nebraska. i am unsure how to extract a letter or if the text on page 8 has something to do with it. if possible direct email me at ryanchmura@hotmail.com

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    I started looking at this one a little while ago. Goatlady if your still watching this thread I'd be really interested to hear some more about your thoughts.

    I'm probably at a bit of a handicap on this one as I'm from the UK so some of the things a child of twelve from the USA might know I probably wont.

    I'd guess from what has been said here that the tool suggested was a hammer (KLW sounds a bit like claw, so a claw hammer). This could be linked to the 8 STATES as this looks to have been nailed to a board and a hammer would be needed to nail the corner down again.

    So far it's sounding a bit of a stretch, but intriguing none the less. I would post a summary of what I've got so far but as it was all listed in other threads here already there doesn't seem much value to doing so.

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    Out of all the people who came here claiming to know the answer then disappearing..this goatlady is the most intriguing and most infuriating.

    I of course do not believe her, but she was definitely the most persuasive.

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