1) p. 59 in the big Y in Yorah, where the top two parts (\ and /) branch of from the straight section or stem of the Y (|), in the picture it is two branches that split out. the branches overlap once; they form the body of the grasshopper, and if you look diagonally left-down it has the middle (small) and the head (same size as middle, indent for eye and 1 antenna)

2) p. 86 same shape, a tiny bit different, in black. on the far left near the middle is a blue tree, an easy landmark. follow it, past where it turns green, to where it intersects the tree with all the leaves. There is a big black mark, which is easily distinguished as the grasshopper shape, only black thing there.

*if finding #2 is easier, find it first then think of that shape while finding #1, makes it easier.