I believe the word Grasshopper is only listed four times in the text.

Prologue: Caterpillar, Ant and Grasshopper would be huddled together and her husband, Snail, would be anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Chp 4: Spider organized them with great precision: Snail rode atop Grasshopper to provide low level advance reconnaissance, Beetle and Ant covered the flanks, and slow Caterpillar served as rear guard.

Chp 6: Off they flew, in pursuit of Zac, with Grasshopper perched on Hummingbird's back, Ant riding on top of the Butterfly, Bee holding on to Snail, the Spider atop the Dragonfly and the heavy Caterpillar carried by both Firefly and Beetle.

Chp 20: Then, in through the window and up into the branches, flew a firefly and a beetle, carrying a cater-pillar, a bee, carrying a snail . . . followed by a dragon-fly with a spider on her back, a beetle, and finally a grasshopper riding on a glittering hummingbird.

I am looking for comments on questions I have. Why is he/she only listed four times? Why the lowercase grasshopper on page 20? Is this the mate? How did "they" know to fly in according to Ladybug's 'group' order? Why are there different images of the Grasshopper and related katydid? Why does Grasshopper not speak? Why is Grasshopper missing in 'morning conversation' in Chp 20?