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Thread: A Work-In-Progress for the Hummingbird Puzzle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc
    Good morning from a clear, sultry day in Sportsman's Paradise--LA!

    I've had almost no time to work on the puzzle in over a week--(as a matter of fact, the phone is ringing while composing this)--but, I wanted to stop by and see if this helps.

    You 'might' want to look at the completed jigsaw puzzle on p. 59 for the hummingbird puzzle. The five colors, ROYGB, should be one axis for the Polybius grid.

    Considering the solution for the firefly, I wonder if the orientation of the capital letter might be the other axis. Draw a line through each capital letter top-to-bottom.

    I'm really considering this page to be a token puzzle because I think the final puzzle will require a specific number-to-color association, and that's the underlying purpose for this puzzle.

    Keep up the good work...

    Great suggestion Doc. Is there a hummingbird on the jigsaw? I suppose it should not be assumed that all have it, but there seem to be matches.


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    Default Kalonso & Doc

    Hi Kalonso. I think you might be asking which symbol to assign to what number based on the leaves? Where maybe green-brown-olive, or up-down-sideways are "symbols." Cause once you have the numbers you get the letters from the grid (ex: 4-3 would S for 4 rows down, 3 columns over). Some of the puzzles had keys (see the snail solution posted in the solutions thread) but I don't think all of them do. I, and probably many others, wrote a little program to do all 120 (5x4x3x2x1) permutations and give back the letters you get from your sequence with each. It's tricky cause you have to go through all the lines and some bits may be backwards, or some letters may be dropped. But it's the best way I can think of right now. Maybe other people have different strategies?

    I just put the whole pg. 59 jigsaw puzzle together last night only to realize it spells out "A CODE OF NUMBERS FIVE TO A SIDE," which everyone already knows. So I'm really hoping Doc is right & it has some underlying significance. Seems more likely for the beetle puzzle though. For instance, the following appear on both pg. 63 and the completed puzzle: light blueish A, yellow O, blue E, red E, and red N. And more, but you get the point. Doc, what makes you think the puzzle relates to hummingbird?


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    Doc has maintained for quite some time that this puzzle is associated with pointing fairies. Check out his posts on the first two pages of this thread. There he mentions that the pointing fairies point at certain things, ie map fragments, but more to the case at hand, puzzle pieces.

    All in all, he does a better job at explaining himself than I do. Check out his old posts.

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    Thanks Preety, I appreciate the quick feedback

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    Thanks Doc and Preety,

    Does anyone have a completed page 59 puzzle to post?


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    silver, you need to look on the posts for that page

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    Don't know if this is of any significance. But besides the obvious reoccurrence of some leaves on Pg41, I think a few leaves also occur on other pages as well

    LG = Light Green, DG = Dark Green

    All are 3 veined leaves
    Bottom Far Left LAG/LAG Leaf - Once on Pg 41 and also on Pg 66 and Pg 20
    Left Side second from bottom LAG/LAG Leaf - 3 times on Pg 41 and also once on Pg 20 and Pg 22.
    Bottom Second from Left LAG/DG Leaf - 2 times on Pg 41 and also on Pg 22 (only it's in a LAG/LAG pattern)

    Look at the veins closely, I think they are exact copies of those leaves, with the exception of color. This may mean nothing or may help with a key.

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    I'm new at this, and there is no way that my mind will ever solve the clues. But I will throw out what I see on page 41.

    The salt-Morton County Ks
    The tin-Mt Sun Flower (Flour)
    The Table - Corner Stone of Kansas
    The Fork - North Fork
    The girl fairy - in crease of yellow pants on right leg - W
    on leg leg ill - the button - burton - = WILLBURTON next button = Crossing

    Wilburton is a town in Morton County, KS
    Red headed Fairy is pointing to Knot hole with Elk in side
    and to the small leaf shaped like a heart = Elk Heart, Ks in Morton County
    The elk is like the Elk on the welcome sign going into Elk Heart

    A big National Grass Land is located there with a overlook looking down at the santa fe trail

    The missing piece of the teacup is the same shape of the airport and golf course. Located in Elk Heart, Ks

    We looked around a bit and followed the girl fairy shirt collar to a Cherokee Woman living in the grasslands-The B in the fairys hair?? When we drove up to talk to this wonderful lady we noticed that her front door had a sign on it - Bee's Heaven- The brown spot in the fairys ear?? to us it looked like a arrowhead - Bee has hundreds of Arrow heads. She also has tee pees in her back yard.

    We think the token is around the dock on one of the small fishing ponds there in the grassland. That was one place we didn't look. The red headed fairy has what may look like two small ponds near the overlook (his knee could be a overlook)

    Bee invited us in and we talked for about an hour, we gave her our book and all of our notes and she is hunting for the token.

    Other things pointing to Kansas
    besides what others have said,

    cracker holes and crumbs = the number of state hood
    the sock and colors looks like the tickets to car racing in ks-same colors and shapes.

    If I remember right, there is a Wedgewood Golf Course in Ks

    The wheat

    The leaves on page 41 are shaped like that of Cottonwoods and there are many Cottonwood Trees in the Area of the Grassland.

    And many others but my notes are now in the hands of Bee the Cherokee Woman in the Cimmoron National Grasslands

    Good Luck to you ALL

    Mary Carr

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