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Thread: .3000.43c

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    The only other possible letter I can think of is that funny lowercase 'x' he makes. I still think 'c' is more likely, but something to keep in mind if the meaning of the code is figured out.


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    If you look on the magna scroll on the left side where it says "could, easily..." the c there looks just like the c on the card.

    Just my input Any other ideas on how to break this thing down would be wonderful.

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    O.K. Working on this scroll is the last of my priorities. Only because I feel it came out way to soon. I wish we could just work on Gris-gris until it is solved and then have another one thrown at us. Oh well... Especially now with DAR I am only mentally capable of merging a finite amout of info... I digress.
    Perhaps this # represents the compass in mils. This # would indicate a location between S.E. and S. In mils the compass is read as follows: N is 6400, E is 1600, S is 3200. and W is 4800. This also might pertain to some of those "off" dates on Gris- gris... Lafitte

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