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Thread: Moneysaver for those using transparencies...

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    Default Moneysaver for those using transparencies...

    Sorry to start a new topic for this, so feel free to move it mods...I just wanted it to not get lost in the mix of "extras" in the other thread.

    For those of you who are using transparencies or are planning to purchase them for your overlays, etc. I had bought a few packs of them for around $7 each, and used them all up with things that didn't pan out for me. Went back to get more today and INSTEAD, got a package of 5 plastic "transparent binder dividers" (you know, the ones with the tabs on the side?). They are essentially the same thing, but only cost $1, AND, you can find some that are slightly tinted with different colors, for those of you that are trying the color tints with the "nomenclature" cover, etc. Much cheaper!

    Also, not sure why I didn't think of this before, but instead of wasting your transparencies by using regular markers like I had been, I bought a few good dry-erase markers - that way, if that overlay idea you had doesn't work out for you, you can just wipe your slate clean and reuse it!

    Anyway, just a few helpful hints before anyone spends any more money than necessary, as most of us have on these *extras*!! I know I need to save as much as possible just to be able to afford to have the LASIK surgery on my eyes, and the BOTOX to remove the facial wrinkles I get when confused or straining to see something from this puzzle!!!

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    Great advice! :P

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    Thanks a bunch, Nashangel! That *is* great advice!
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