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Thread: The Blocks

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    Default The Blocks

    The blocks with pairs of letters on them anagram to spell SECRETS OF MICHAEL STADTHER and/or SECRETS OF ALCHEMIST DAR.

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    Each of the twelve blocks cast a shadow. Seven of them cast a shadow to the left, five cast a shadow to the right.

    Each block is on a page with a sun or a moon at the top. Seven have the sun at the top, five have the moon at the top.

    Of the five that have the moon at the top, 3 have shadows to the right, 2 have shadows to the left.
    Of the seven that have the sun at the top, 4 have shadows to the left, 3 have shadows to the right.
    3 2 4 3

    The pages have moons or suns in this order: M M S S S M M M S S S S (2 3 3 4).
    The shadows point left or right in this order: L L R L L R R L L L R R (2 1 2 2 3 2)

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    Each block has a top and two sides visible. Four blocks have letters on two sides: ET, EH, TS & ME. The four letters on the right can be rearranged to spell HEST.

    Also I found that if you take one letter from each block to spell out ALCHEMISTDAR, there are only four possible ways to do it. One of them looks like this (paired vertically):


    Notice the word HEST in the middle of the top row.

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    i dont work as hard on this anymore, but i always thought
    the block letters would go in a wheel, and the alpha would
    go in another wheel, and the acorns and the suns and moons
    would give us the dirs for the wheels.
    i never found a start point that says , this is the start point
    because ?...........i never found the because

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