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Thread: Eclipse - huh - What Eclipse?

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    Default Eclipse - huh - What Eclipse?


    Was out, with binoculars, a sweet beverage, and an umbrella (just in case) - well looked high and looked low couldn't see it, not a bit, it was dark and the moon was hidden behind clouds. At least I think it was there, behind the clouds. Never a moon when you want one I guess. Still, the beverage was good and you wouldn't believe what I saw through my binoculars (lol) . A great nite anyway, the weather cooperated (except for the cloud cover).

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    Well stick!!!!

    I was on tweleve just before 5p.m. est here. Heard for the umpteenth time from more than one of my family members - is the internet free yet.

    In my head I hear that ole smart arse response. No it ain't free - it's about $15 a month. hehe

    So I give it up - go to sit on the sofa - and find myself nodding off. Had a fairly stressful week - so hey why not - am at the point in my life where I say WTF - gonna do what I want when I want.

    As I start to awaken - I think - BTW isn't tonight the night of the eclipse? Get startled and shoot up off the sofa. Glance at the windows - darkness. Then take a quick glance at the clock. @^$#$#^*&*% IT IS 8:30 P.M.!!!!

    Run outside in my bare feet - WTH I'll clean them up before I trudge on my white carpet.

    A nice bright nearly full moon is seen misting thru the thin cloud cover. And where am I standing - in about 1/2 inch of newly fallen snow. Damn - missed it and it looked as if it would have been visible.

    Screw the white carpet - I went back to the sofa.

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