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Thread: howdy from a long time lurker

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    Default howdy from a long time lurker

    Well, I'm tired of being alone with these hunts as no one I know gets bit by the same bug. I'm looking forward to meeting members of this community.

    I had a copy of Masquerade when I was in elementary school. A group of us were captivated by it, but didn't get very far. I even had a nightmare about that rabbit one time...some of those pictures were so haunting and the fact that there was an unsolved mystery in there just freaked me out.

    Then I discovered The Secret but got nowhere with that...I didn't even know the first jewel had been found. The book was actually taken away from me in the wake of "Mazes and Monsters" (thanks, Rona Jaffe, for starting that witch hunt :0) and then I forgot about it.

    Fast-forward to a few years ago, twenty years later after I fell out of the loop. I'm in a used bookshop and find a copy of The Secret. I bought it and went online to see if anyone had found the jewels and was blown away to discover one had been found 20 years after the first! And 10 still missing!

    I know this group will understand how electric that moment was...

    After that I found q4t and tweleve and have been lurking ever since...after messing around with the secret for awhile I got into Dar and now am really into the whistle pig. So if anyone wants to swap notes on the Whistle Pig I'd be down with that...gimme some time to get mine together though, as I've just started REALLY delving into the connections, etc...I found a few things that I haven't seen on the forums (though I'm sure there are private groups that have found some of these things)...I'm going with total transparency on it as I can't stand these hunts that die out and the solve never posted...with the secret I can accept it, but my heart truly can't take no more! Duck, come out of the shadows and give us a ding dang clue!

    Anyway... :0 That's my trovingish past...I'm currently in Buffalo, NY working in an antiquarian bookshop and with a local arts festival, as well as my own writing projects. If you think any treasures be located up this way gimme a shout out...I also get to NYC from time to time so let me know if you have needs for scouting.

    I'll try to post on the pig threads sometime in the near future.

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    Welcome - glad you are out of the lurking closet!
    Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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    Always wonderful to hear from lurkers! hope you will venture out - as you already know this a great bunch - maybe you will think about traveling to the reunion! several of us will be there! adventure awaits! around every corner!
    em - luanne

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