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Thread: Hello all

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    Default Hello all

    Hi, I'm a fan of the unknown and paranormal and enjoy riddles, poetry, literature, and cryptanalysis.

    I'm not sure I'll join in the treasure hunts, but I have a horrible habit of getting sucked into things that are a little above my ability, so I can get carried away there. =) I'm also a creative person and think that there's nothing that can't be solved or dealt with as long as you keep an open enough mind.

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    and please get sucked in and carried away
    with all the hunts puzzles ect.
    its all fun

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    Hello, I am new too, I like this forum! I think I will make lot of friends here

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    Welcome to 12!
    We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
    ~Joseph Campbell

    There are three kinds of people : Those who can count and those that can't.

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    Default BlueMountainTracker

    Hello, I am Dave. I write articles online, I also track Bigfoot(no luck lately), I am into conspiracies, mysteries, and I have been searching now for 10 years for the Dorsey Baker train robbery gold in Walla Wallla. Soon I will release my book (in 2011) titled " Walla Walla's Legend Of Lost Gold". I currently am trying to design a hunt for a winery and hope to start a hunt desighn bussiness. I sorta got the idea from the Diamond dashes. With all the wineries near here, I should do pretty well. My buddy Ken is a real go getter(my front man)
    I love doing research and interviews of anyone with something to share. Holler if I can help the community in any way.

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