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Thread: The Secret - A Treasure Hunt by Sean Kelly et al.

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    Default The Secret - A Treasure Hunt by Sean Kelly et al.

    This book has been alluded to on here a few times, but no one has started a forum topic on it, yet. Well, I just got it in the mail today, so here it goes:

    (from back cover)
    The tale begins over three hundred years ago, when the Fair people -- the goblins, fairies, dragons and other fabled and fantastic creatures of a dozen lands -- fled the Old World for the New, seeking haven from the ways of Man. With them came their precious jewels... (etc)

    There are 12 treasures, 2 of which have been found to date. One was found by ATT's very own Egbert (as a doctor, it kills me that a lawyer found one, but I digress :P ). The book came out in 1982 and there is no deadline for revealing the solutions.

    This story was developed and edited by Byron Preiss (Stanford grad school grad IN THE HOUSE... woot!). Actually, TurkeyMonkey will be pleased to note that Preiss did his undergrad at Penn. The authors have humor/comic backgrounds with many of them previously at National Lampoon.

    The book is divided into a handful of sections, including the ever important sections entitled "The Treasure" (12 beautiful color images chock full of clues) -- this section also includes 'The Verses' which must be paired up with their partner images (which is the partner is up to you to figure out) to decipher each treasure key location. The keys can be exchanged for their respective treasure. Each key is BURIED in a decorative casque (may not be so decorative after 20+ years underground)! That's right, unlike ATT, you will need to do some digging on this one, folks.

    This book is a small but dense 222 pages. Note the image and verse sections make up a small fraction of the book. The remainder details the various Fair People, complete with list of habits, range, history, and spotter tips and some funny photos and images as well. These details are humorously written from the few pages I have read to date.

    Not terribly hard to locate (but out of print), this book is readily available for around 20-30 bucks on ebay or various rare book websites.
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    ATT turned me onto armchair treasure hunting. Got The Secret a few weeks ago and have had a great time looking through it. Since you can never get too frustrated, I just received The Whistle Pig in the mail today.

    I think I saw some recent posts of yours on Q4T - lots and lots (and lots and lots) of analysis has been done there over the past few years. And our good friend, cthree, is a moderator. It's funny to see a lot of the same names over at The Secret forum at Q4T.

    I've been on one hunt for a casque from The Secret (once I get the pictures developed, I'll do a write-up at Q4T). Unsuccesful, but I was so sure it was there. Of course, it doesn't help that the treasure has been buried for over 20 years - and I was looking on the North Carolina coast - just a little changed over that time.

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    Default Byron Preiss, 52, Digital Publishing Pioneer, Dies


    Byron Preiss, 52, Digital Publishing Pioneer, Dies

    Published: July 11, 2005

    Byron C. Preiss, an author and a publisher who specialized in illustrated books by celebrities, graphic novels and science fiction, died in a traffic accident on Saturday in East Hampton, N.Y. He was 52 and lived in Manhattan.

    Mr. Preiss was the president of Byron Preiss Visual Publications and Ibooks, and was recognized as a pioneer in digital publishing. He was among the first publishers to release CD-ROM's and electronic books, said Barbara Marcus, the executive vice president of the publishing company Scholastic.

    Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Preiss graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972 and earned a master's degree in communications from Stanford University. He produced "The Words of Gandhi," an audio book that won a Grammy Award in 1985. He was also the co-author of "Dragonworld," a novel published by Bantam Books in 1979.

    Mr. Preiss published works by celebrity authors including Jane Goodall, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, LeAnn Rimes and Jay Leno. He was active in local charities, and was co-chairman of UJA-Federation of New York's publishing committee.

    Mr. Preiss is survived by his wife, Sandi Mendelson, and two daughters, Karah and Blaire.

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    interesting that they didn't mention The Secret.

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    Default The loss of Byron Preiss...

    The Secret was published in 82 when Byron was just starting out. In the grand scheme of things, it is nothing, a footnote. Byron had helped untold numbers of new artists and writers get their starts, including some ground breaking books. His published books now top the best sellers list. As recently as this year, in his book "To Rule In Amber" Gregory Betancourt acknowledged Preiss for his support.

    However, to many of us who have been following Preiss around the country trying to uncover his casques buried in the Secret, this is a personal loss, as if a friend has passed away, which is truly what has happened.

    How ironic - my 200th post. This one's for you Byron.


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