I couldn't figure out where to post this, so sorry if it is out of place. Since buying the book a few months ago I have been researching past puzzle books; Masquerade, Whistle Pig, Secret, and others. A fascinating story (not a book) is about a man who hid three urns and dispensed clues to a few men and offered a prize of one million dollars to the finder of the first urn. A guy found the urn and it is a great story. I just finished looking at the book "Treasure-In Search of a Golden Horse". Wow, I got cold chills. Long story short, the horse was not found within the time period and shortly thereafter some hunters claimed to have solved the puzzle. The cold chills come from their explanation of how they solved the puzzle. There is no way in God's Green Earth they or anyone else could have solved the puzzle in the manner they describe. And neither the publisher or author ever submitted a proper solution. What do I take from this? Moderation. I invest only the amount of myself I can afford to lose. This hunt is like like the lottery, the odds of winning are about zero or worse but I play anyway because who knows, when the solution is revealed I may have found some small piece of the answer. But, I know I will not find a token. By the way, did anyone here work on the Treasure-In search of a golden horse puzzle? I would like to hear other opinions from those who have worked past puzzles or read on the subject.