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Thread: Houston Hunters?

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    Default Houston Hunters?

    Just curious - any one live in Houston? I just jumped on board this EXPERIENCE a week ago and am already completely sucked in!

    I have been reading, reading, reading the posts from both here and the ATT forum. I believe I "get it" as far as what needs to be done and am now just as frustrated as everyone else seems to be. I have some good notes and fairly decent ideas I haven't seen mentioned - and I think a decent brain for problem solving - oh, and tenacity to a fault - meaning other life issues are already getting put on the back burner!

    I do know think that having another trover (since my family members don't seem to share my enthusiasm for this hunt) to bounce stuff off of that is in my near vicinity for meetings and such, would be beneficial. Or is there such a group here in Houston I could contribute to?

    I sure wish I had started reading ATT and found the forums when my mother gave this book to my daughter back around X-mas! I feel I am almost too late, but also think more is to come so becoming well versed in this stuff now will pay off in the future.

    Happy Hunting everyone.

    BTW - I just noticed this sight is written in php! Cool.
    Have a great day!

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    Colbita--I live about a hundred miles south of Houston, near Victoria. I picked up the book in June and couldn't seem to put it down for a good while, like you. For the last few weeks I've been preoccuppied with other things that have come up, so I haven't been working on it awhile (which is why I just now saw your post). Anyway, yeah, this treasure hunt is really neat!

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    I'm in Houston, as is Soonerfan, but there's nothing here to find.


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