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Thread: A Cell in your body

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    Default A Cell in your body

    Within the single cell are cell divisions which contain other galaxies, other consciousness, parallel universes, expanding and contracting, it is in a constant state of flux ... the Universe is contained within every cell of my body.

    The DNA contains the Library of the Universe .. every cell in my body is a part of what is out there, it is complete within itself and contains all the memories of the macrocosm ..

    Random Access Memory to lives on other planets, other consciousness, immediate past lives and genetic or ancestral memory is contained within every cell ... but not in so many words ..

    The genes carry within - the memory of the Universe and its ISNESS.
    It did not begin.
    It will not end.
    It simply IS ..

    I just AM.
    Everything is an illusion. With every action you create your future. With every thought you create your destiny. The only real thing is love. When you hurt another person you hurt yourself, When you forgive another person you forgive yourself. Many seek the holy grail, but you already have it. Wake up from the world of dreams you live in. Then you will find the answers you have always wanted.

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    Hi All,

    Ingreidents of life are,

    Carbon,Hydrogen,Nytrogen & Oxygen Take first letter of each Element & add an "E" cause they are. You get


    Peace to All,

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    Default A cell.

    that is HOT! that's what i have been thinking about for many years... but so perfectly put into words! nice.

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