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Thread: Horace

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    old man to old to admit it

    Enjoy it while you can Ricky - your time will come.

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    Ricky and Veh

    No one appreciates having someone call their baby ugly.

    Figure of speech - I use the term in sales coaching - remind the rep not to criticise the doctors current prescribing preference in light of recent clinical data contradicting this choice.

    I refer to HRT - my mums been on it for years - every attempt to come off it sees unbearable symptoms re-emerge. Even with the knowledge that prolonged use increase risk of breast cancer.

    Some doctors use it first line to prevent osteoporosis. If a rep comes in and barrels them about breast cancer risk it is an attack on the dr who has made an informed prescribing decision - and discussed safety with the patient. There is no way the rep will win the doc over to their product using this approach.

    So - what does anyone here gain by criticising anothers angle???


    Just gets peoples backs up.

    Furthermore - age is irrellevant.

    Wisdom is...

    Imagine if it turns out that my "voodoo child" inspires me to find the key.

    Out of the mouth of babes....hey at least shes not polluted by posts!!!!!

    Some of the bestpoker players in the world are young uns.

    Sometimes its the "graybeards" who blow the "youths" out of the water.

    But bottom line you are both men. On the same side.

    Bobby said make a deal with the mosquitos.

    You promise not to bite them if they promise not to bite you.

    Off to my pool tournament (annual individual knock out) - try not to solve this while I am gone!!!



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