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Thread: Chester the cat and an old Bangor

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    Default Chester the cat and an old Bangor

    Hi everyone. A few days ago I was thinking about the good old days when my Dad was still with us and how we went on a wild goose chase to St Austell in the hope of finding the golden hare in the Masquerade book. Obviously, we didn't find it, though ironically the place where it was found was very close to where my parents lived when they first got married. Anyway, I eventually found the Menagerie website and have to say that I think that Dillon’s work is brilliant ! The illustrations are amazing, though it seems obvious that the puzzles require a mind that’s far greater than mine ! Still, I did have one or two ideas which might be of use to someone, I apologise if they've already been mentioned elsewhere

    My first thought was that the cat in the second picture represented a cartoon character called Chester. Chester was the cat in a film called Bunnicula which featured a vegetable sucking vampire rabbit ! Maybe the Yin Yang symbol on his stomach indicates the map location of Chester on the first picture ? Other symbols also fit in with the map theory (maybe I'm making them fit !). To the left is the nut which lines up with Bangor (the nut from an old banger ?). Bangor and Chester are joined by the A55 which appears in the middle of the milestone when it’s flipped vertically. The apple corresponds with Newtown which shares its name with a variety of apple called Newtown Pippin, though at first I thought it might represent Nuneaton as in the un-eaten apples in the third picture. This would have worked out well as Nuneaton is close to Birmingham which has a Sea Life centre. That would have explained all the sea creatures people have found in the pictures. The spade corresponds with Aberystwyth which is home to an animal welfare organisation called ARK. The noughts & crosses board lines up with Mansfield and the squirrel ink pot and quill lines up with Doncaster which has a wood called Squirrel wood. I believe that another member also mentioned that his sister saw an unusual advert near Doncaster that mentioned this puzzle ? If any of this is relevant then the silver moon would be near Buxton in the Peak District. Is this any help ? Apologies if not. Thanks. Matt. (Also posted on Quest 4 Treasure)
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    Nice work, very well done.
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