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Not sure why anyone would give the impression it didnt go well...

... close to 40 heads were "slapped". DOH!
cthree, I didn't mean to imply that it didn't go well.. I think it went amazingly well... But I also think it's totally fair that Jason got to make fun of us all when he pulled the coin out right from underneath our noses! Like you said.. 40 heads, all at once.. ;}

Seriously, you can count on a very large group of folks pestering Meri and crew to get you all back to A-kon again next year - that was some of the best stuff all weekend! Thanks again to all of you for a great time, and for being such very cool, nice people.

Now, if only I could get somewhere on the other hunts... ;}

... proud of Team Unobservant But Dedicated ...
Rock on! And welcome to tweleve, myzkyti. ; ) I take it you found our humble booth at A-kon and enjoyed the craziness of the Dealy Plaza Head-slap. *thumbs up* Congrats on getting so close. And please, let anyone know who you can that you'd like us back. The more people who wanna hunt for treasure, the more chance there will be treasure to hunt FOR. ; )
Doing so, don't worry. Checking out the Gris Gris and Xi scrolls with some friends as well.

I still can't believe I sat on it. <facedesk>