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Thread: Round XXIX Winners

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    Have an awesome trip! safe travels to you Netsirk!
    Being an aunt has to be great - like being grandmere - all the best part of being with kids!
    while the parents get most of the icky parts (of course there are plenty of blessings for them as well!)

    great contest - we can manage to make it a week! something to look forward to!

    and hearty congrats to ALL the winners!!! wow - yep - amazing pics!
    em - luanne

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    Quote Originally Posted by netsirk View Post
    One more thing...I will be travelling this week (work and personal), so I won't be starting a new round until next Monday...sorry
    I reminded net that I had a round stashed away and ready to go. So those suffering from picture contest withdrawal can be cured and net can have a break and enjoy being an aunt.

    Quote Originally Posted by anneiam View Post
    These photos were all outstanding.

    I particularly loved Sluggy's orchid picture which resembles fairies dancing through the air.
    Thank you. That's what it reminded me of when I saw it, too.

    “Tmcky ymu kra Ymu, tekt fs truar tekl trua. Teara fs lm mla kifva wem fs Ymuar tekl Ymu.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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