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Thread: Captain Kidd and The Missing Crown

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    Default Captain Kidd and The Missing Crown

    I just got back from Catskill New York doing this treasure hunt

    The guy in charge of the hunt "Martin" is a real Texas Hold'Em Player

    Talk about not giving away any clues ...........The guy is holding tight

    In order to order your free map and treasure story you need to call

    800-355-CATS (2287)

    Martin is not going to let you send in a map showing where the coin is buried instead you have to drive out thier and look around

    Here is a article on the hunt:

    Finder will be keeper of jeweled crown

    April 3, 2005

    By PAUL GRONDAHL Albany (N.Y.) Times Union

    CATSKILL, N.Y. — They couldn't have scripted a better mystery.

    Since 1991, a bejeweled crown appraised at nearly $11,000 has gone unclaimed in an upstate New York tourism promotion, despite the efforts of treasure hunters from as far away as Montreal and Great Britain.

    Although interest has waned over the years and those still seeking the prize have faded to a few die-hards, the game is still afoot.

    A crown that sparkles with amethyst, citrine, garnet, topaz and diamonds remains up for grabs. The hunt is actually for a replica gold doubloon coin; if you find the coin, you redeem it for the crown.

    The Greene County, N.Y., challenge, dubbed "Captain Kidd and the Missing Crown," has "Da Vinci Code"-style clues embedded in a fictional story, with historical intrigue thrown in for good measure.

    "I guess we're not clever enough around here to find it," said George Jurgsatis, who owns an antiques shop in Catskill.

    "There was quite a bit of interest 10 years ago, but frankly, I lost track of it. I didn't realize the treasure hunt was still going on," said resident Pat Walsh.

    The story of the hunt actually began in 1983, when an earlier tourism promotion ran. A gem-encrusted ninepin that was part of the lost treasure of Rip Van Winkle, as the fictionalized story line went, was hidden somewhere in Greene County.

    The ninepin was found in the spring of 1990 atop 3,360-foot Evergreen Mountain. Its captor, a Connecticut man, had been searching for seven years.

    The promotion garnered press and drew visitors to the economically depressed Catskills. The civic leaders who hatched the hunt figured it worked so well they'd reprise the scheme.

    "It was a little hokey, but other cities around the country were using similar gimmicks to draw tourists at that time," said Kay Stamer, founder and director of the Greene County Council on the Arts.

    Organizers formed a nonprofit foundation to run the promotion. But the group disbanded several years ago after no one claimed the crown and interest waned. TrustCo Bank, which displayed the gem-encrusted crown in its Main Street branch for many years, felt the promotion had run its course and turned the crown over to the custody of Martin Smith, a retired businessman who was one of the organizers.

    TrustCo had kicked in $10,000 and commissioned artist Annie K. Jessouvian to create the crown in 1991. It includes 52 stones in settings attached to a crown made of gold lame cloth with gold brocade. It was appraised at $10,600 by a gemologist.

    Only two people know where the replica doubloon is hidden. Smith is one of them.

    "Nobody ever came right out and offered a bribe, but several people have had long conversations with me, looking for a twinkle in my eye or some other hint, I guess. I keep a poker face," said Smith, 60. He said the crown is kept in a secure, undisclosed location and that he has checked periodically to ensure the coin is still in its hiding place.

    Inquiries from treasure hunters have ebbed and flowed over the years.

    "People around here aren't that interested anymore, but tourists hear about it, stop in and ask for the story and map," said Nancy Petramale, sales and marketing manager for the Greene County promotion department.

    "I haven't received many calls lately, but I had a series of conversations with a fellow from California a year ago who was very interested. He seemed to be on the right track," Smith said.

    Smith hasn't heard from the West Coast hunter since. Another serious searcher was a man from the Isle of Jersey in the British Channel Islands who had resettled nearby.

    "He had a team of people working on it with him and they had picked the story apart word by word, paragraph by paragraph. He was hot on the trail," Smith said. But the Briton died recently, and the obsession passed away with him.

    Then there's the man from Montreal who has traveled to Catskill several times over the years, Petramale said. The Canadian appears to have made a detailed study of what he feels are dozens of clues scattered throughout the 3,000-word yarn.

    The fictional tale includes a map depicting a point of land in Catskill at the confluence of the Hudson River and Catskill Creek.

    The story was commissioned and written by the late Jack Hashian, a friend of the foundation organizers. Hashian is believed to have written "The Eiger Sanction" and other best-selling books under the pen name of Trevanian — a publishing pseudonym shrouded in mystery.

    Just like the location of that doubloon.

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    Default Link to hunt

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    I love this hunt. There is a discussion over at Q4T that ought to be read, in addition the URL you supplied:

    "...it may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma of the kind which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve."

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    Motto 1: Never get into a traesure hunt until the author
    is deceased.

    Motto 2: Don't pay to get in, because the costs incurred
    once hooked will far out weigh any perceived

    An aside: A crown : The place where jewels abound.


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    Default Cheerleading

    Well your just standing on the sidelines cheerleading

    You need to get into the game I may have lost the 1st quarter but I have gained alot of insight, expericances and learn quickly from failures.

    Sometimes success can be a lousy teacher and we more from are mistakes then anything else. Intelligence comes from redirecting our selfs into the right course.

    Babe Ruth is in the Hall of Fame yet he is also the strikeout out king. His stats where 3 out of 10 meaning he missed 7 out of 10 but is still in the Hall of Fame

    so I will just keep swinging while the cheerleaders moan and groan



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    Default Hmmmmmm....

    We've had this game in the back drawer for over a year. We never found more than 2 puzzles/clues. It's easy to GPS the thing based on the printed story without using the clues, but we have a friend that lives right there and already looked and didn't find anything. He says every once in a while he sees people with metal detectors going over the same place. So basically we didn't know what to do with it any further.
    "Feel the sun and remember..."
    --Ashlee Simpson

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    I've been looking for info on this for a little over a year and never even been able to find out where to get the story. I love tweleve! Called the number listed and got the Greene County Tourism office. They are sending it out right now. So great! Thanks so much for the info rickyyarrow! Great info, full details, nice way to spark re-interest.
    Why can't they say "Go to this place and here's the treasure. Spend it wisely"?

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    I just got my copy. Much more elegant and compact
    than I expected. Intersting knowing that this has been
    around a long time without any solves.

    Some things appear very obvious, which I have to assume
    they are not. Makes a good addition to my "not found"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tron
    Makes a good addition to my "not found"

    hehehe. I know what you mean. I have a huge "not found" collection of hunts as well.

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    im calling today to get in this hunt. it is still going on, yes?

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