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Thread: Operation Sleeper Cell

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    Default Operation Sleeper Cell

    Last year I participated in the Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt. I received an e-mail today from one of the organizers about a current "hunt" going on to raise money for Cancer Research in the UK.

    It looks like you can play for free for the "missions" that other groups have already solved, or you can pay a donation to the cause to "unlock" missions that have just come out, giving you a 12 hour head start on the puzzle before other teams get it for free.

    It also looks fun, and I am about to register. If anyone wants to work this with me, you can pm me or reply to this thread.

    Here is the email from a Logica member to the organizer:

    At the last ATH prize-giving meetup, I mentioned to you that I was working on a treasure hunt type thing for Cancer Research UK. Well, it's now launched!

    The main website is http://www.operationsleepercell.com/ and there's also a site at http://www.wearenottheagency.com/ . I think that people who enjoy the ATH ought to enjoy it and it'll be finished in time for this year's ATH so might make a nice warm-up. If there's anybody you think might be interested in taking part, would you mind passing this onto them?

    All the best and looking forward to this year's ATH!

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    Looks fun, I'll join your team for this, though I might not have that much time to work on the puzzles.

    And I'm excited for the ATH this year too . I still remember that motorcycle.

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