Find a fortune

Last updated 10:25, Saturday, 01 November 2008
YOUR chance to Find A Fortune starts here.
The North-West Evening Mail has teamed up with Furness Building Society and launched a £1,000 Find A Fortune treasure hunt.
We're hiding £1,000 somewhere in South Cumbria.
And we want you to find it.
The super sleuth who tracks down the treasure will find a casket, inside which will be a golden envelope with a Furness Building Society cheque for £1,000.
Just think of the Christmas you could have for you and your family with that money!
All we are going to tell you in terms of the beautiful booty's location is that it will be somewhere in the Evening Mail's circulation area.
As we cover an area from Holmrook to Ambleside and from Walney to Levens, that's going to take some detective work to find where X marks the spot.
So we thought we'd give you a helping hand.
Every day throughout November in the Evening Mail we'll give you a new clue as to where to find the treasure.
But we won't stop there.
For all of you who want extra hints we've got new ways to lead you to the £1,000.
Every day throughout November, Mon-Sat, in the paper we will publish a different code which will allow you to get a new daily text clue.
You can then text FORTUNE then a space and then the daily code to 85158 and we will send you a new hint. Texts cost £1.
You can also go to our website for an extra daily hint, Mon-Sat, throughout November. Again this will be changed daily, six days a week, throughout the month.
The final clues are due to be announced in the Evening Mail on Saturday, November 29 with the final hints by text and on our website also on that day.
The winner will then be able to claim their prize well in time for the festive season.
We hope you enjoy the thrill of the chase. We hope it brings some fun and cheer to your November days and nights. And we know that one of you will be celebrating this Christmas with an extra £1,000 thanks to the Evening Mail and Furness Building Society. Happy hunting and Good Luck!


IN PAPER - a new clue every day, Mon-Sat throughout November in the North-West Evening Mail

TEXT - every day, Mon-Sat, throughout November you will be able to text FORTUNE (plus a new code published in the Evening Mail every day, Mon-Sat) to 85158 for an extra text hint. Texts cost £1. Terms and conditions see North West Evening Mail.

WEB - Rebecca Harrison, a Kells 2008 model competition winner (pictured), will read a different extra video hint on our website, Mon-Sat, throuhgout November until the final clue on November 29.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the Find A Fortune Treasure Hunt in the Mail, by text, and here on this website. Good Luck!


What age do I have to be to take part?
You must be aged 18 years or over to take part in the competition.

Do I need to dig to find the treasure?
No. Absolutely not. Do not go digging up land to find the treasure
under any circumstances. It is illegal to dig up public or private land.
When the treasure is in situ there will be a distinctive 'gold' marker
in the ground marking its location. There will be no cash at the site.

Could the treasure be on private land?
No. So don't go trespassing on or digging up people's gardens or farmland.
You'd be wasting your time as well as breaking the law. The site is on public
land. But you mustn't dig up any public land. That is also illegal.

When will the 'treasure' actually be hidden?
We guarantee it will be hidden before the final clue is published in the
Evening Mail on Saturday, November 29.

Will there actually be £1,000 hidden?
No. The winner will find an item which guarantees them the money and
giving them clear instructions of what to do next.

Do I need to have anything on me to claim the prize?
You will need to be carrying a copy of that day's Evening Mail or the previous
day's Evening Mail to claim the prize.

Could I have to put myself in personal danger to reach the treasure?
Absolutely not. We must reiterate for people not to risk personal injury going
to dangerous locations or going out in bad weather looking for the treasure.
You would be wasting your time. The site is easily accessible.

What happens if more than one person claims they found the money?
In the event of a dispute the decision of the adjudicator, who will be present
at the scene, is final.

When is the final clue due to go in the Evening Mail and when will the
final hints be available at or by text?
Saturday, November 29.


This Find A Fortune competition is open only to individuals aged 18 years or over.
Employees of Furness Newspapers Ltd, Cumbrian Newsprint and Furness Building Society and their immediate families are not eligible to enter. No purchase necessary. Clues can be requested in writing and will be made available on request in line with days of publication, write to: Find A Fortune, Evening Mail Promotions dept. Abbey Rd Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 5QS, When the prize is in its location the site will be monitored and an adjudicator will be present. The first person to arrive at the location and find the Find A Fortune ‘treasure’ will be awarded the prize. The prize is a cheque for 1,000 pounds Sterling payable to the individual named who was the first to discover the ‘treasure’ subject to the stated terms and conditions. In the event of more than one simultaneous arrival the adjudicator will make the award. The judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered in to. Winners must agree to participate in publicity relevant to the competition including photography and video. The official presentation of the prize will take place at the Evening Mail head office in Barrow, with representatives of Furness Building Society present, at a time suitable for all parties, the week beginning December 8, 2008. If no winner claims the prize by midnight on December 23, 2008, the competition will be pronounced null and void. Furness Newspapers Limited, Cumbrian Newsprint and Furness Building Society are in no way responsible or liable for the safe or successful delivery of the ‘treasure’ to the Evening Mail head office in Abbey Road, Barrow to claim the £1,000 prize. The winner must provide full details as required, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prize. No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently. Furness Newspapers Limited, Cumbrian Newsprint and Furness Building Society will not be liable for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in the competition. Furness Newspapers Cumbrian Newsprint and Furness Building Society reserve the right to use the photograph and likeness of the winner for publicity purposes and to publicise statements made by or attributed to the prize winner relating to Furness Newspapers or Furness Building Society for this or any other promotion or offer, unless otherwise requested. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them when entering. These rules are governed by the laws of England and Wales if you are resident in England or Wales or by the laws of Scotland if you are resident in Scotland. The promoter for this competition is Furness Newspapers Limited, registered office: Abbey Rd Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 5QS.