If you haven't kept up on children's literature lately, there is a new series that is perfect for your child ages 6-14.

Rick Riordan, who wrote the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series (fun reads), is the author of the first book in the 39 Clues. Different authors will finish the series of 10 books. Each book has a Clue to solve, and there are online missions to play and clues to solve, as well as collectible cards to purchase with more clues on them as well.

There will be monetary prizes for those with high solving points, selected at random. Here is the website with the entry rules,missions, etc. http://www.the39clues.com/

The prizes are intended for children ages 6-14. The puzzles on the online missions range from point and click to playing a quick mini-game. The collectible cards have some number to letter subsitutions, folding puzzles, mazes, and such. My daughter actually read through book one, and figured out two clues so far. (she constantly mispronounces this website, and said to me, Now I know why you solve puzzles on Twevel.)