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    Default BizFantast

    This is not a new puzzle or hunt. Think it's been around for awhile now. I stumbled onto it today. Has anyone heard of this or tried it?

    There three different listings on the puzzle side of their site and the descriptions below is from their site. I haven't looked into them yet but wanted to share the info for those that may be interested.

    BizFantast 3 Of A Kind

    The Three Of A Kind Puzzle (3OAK) -- 3OAK can be regarded as a prelude of the BizFantast Main Puzzle, it is specially designed for a team of 3 players. However, single players can take part in this puzzle with no problems at all (you just need to assume the role of 3 persons).

    3OAK describes how the three main character: Hyde, Cobe, and Jane met and how did they end up falling in love with puzzles and riddles. It has ended at 8 levels (for each of the 3 charcaters, so that sums up to 24 levels) of formal puzzles and 5 levels of members-created-puzzles (yes, our players actually are very good riddlers as well, so watch out )


    BizFantast's Puzzle/My Office

    BizFantast Main Puzzle -- The longest running and also most well-known puzzle of the site.The story takes place as you, as a programmer, came home from a late night of work only to find out that your computer has been hacked. As you continued to solve the mystery puzzles left behind by the hacker, you find yourself being involved in a big plot...

    BizFantast Treasure Hunt

    BizFantast Treasure Hunt (TH) -- TH is the latest puzzle to be added to the BizFantast family, as compared to its two predecessors, TH appears to be more open-ended -- Storylines are kept at minimal and players can freely explore the island for puzzles and hidden sites. Hidden sites can be reached based on clues and traces left behind by the island's discoverer, none other than the legendary trio of Hyde, Cobe and Jane.
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    I signed up and was looking at the treasure hunt section. The puzzles are quite straight forward and I solved a good portion of them in an afternoon. Don't think there are any prizes, but they're fun when you have nothing else to work on. They said they would be adding sections to the treasure hunt part, but from what I can tell there hasn't been any activity since 2006. It may have been abandoned but they haven't closed the site. I haven't checked out the other two sections. As I said, not horribly exciting but keeps your mind working.


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